When it comes to metal stamping services in the New England community, Crowley Associates, Inc. is the only name you need to know. Contact us today to learn more about the capabilities of our company.

Stamping Capabilities
Using our vast experience in the development of metal stamping product, Crowley Associates, Inc. supports our customers from the creation of ideas to the final product. We are knowledgeable in the use of ferrous, non-ferrous, plastic, and coated materials.

Your Tooling Is Designed, Built, and Maintained In-House
We have an experienced design engineering staff that uses innovative techniques and computer-aided designs to support our customers in product design, materials selection, value analysis, and tool design.

Master tool and die makers are experienced in building and maintaining low-volume and high-volume long run tooling, blanking, deep drawing, and forming dies and gauging. 

Meeting Your Production Requirements
Whitman Tool & Die stores and maintains your tooling to meet your quality and production needs, with all tool maintenance free of charge. Our professional production control department and our management system software administer your production requirements.

Additional Capabilities
You have direct communication with the production floor. We maintain Just In Time and Kan-Ban production delivery scheduling at the customers' request.

Value-Added Services:

• CNC Milling                                                                    • CNC Wire EDM

• Drilling                                                                            • Tapping

• Resistance Welding                                                    • Assembly                              

• PEM Nut & Fastener Assembly                                 • Established Vendor Base

• Metal Finishing                                                             • Special Packaging


Contact us to receive the best in stamping and tubing equipment from our precision stamping center.